(L-R) James Stewart and Malcolm Stewart in action at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm testing session at Thing Ranch in Alpine, California, USA on 10 October, 2013.



150 Class

Round One

Chase Marquier vs. Christophe Pourcel

Two very close races came down to mistakes by Pourcel in the same section of track, which allowed Marquier to take the win and advance to next round.

AJ Catanzaro vs. Ryan Surratt

This was the first pairing of the night to go to three rounds, as Surratt scrubbed his way to the win in Race One and Catanzaro fought back to finish ahead in Race Two. Surratt held the early lead in the deciding Race Three until a mistake midway through allowed Catanzaro to slip off with the win.

Colton Aeck vs. Carson Brown

Carson Brown bested Aeck in two races and moved on to the next round.

Luke Renzland vs. Chance Fullerton

Renzland advanced to the second round with two wins over Fullerton.

Round Two

Brown vs. Marquier

Brown bested his JMC Motorsports Husqvarna teammate through the two rounds, with the deciding moment coming in Race Two when Brown busted out the triple-triple jump combination and moto’d to the win.

Renzland vs. Catanzaro

Another round, another three-race duel. Renzland took the win in Race One by getting control of the race from the start, while Catanzaro fired back with the triple-triple combo to take the win in Race Two. Catanzaro got to the lead by hitting the three-three in Race Three, but Renzland recovered in the middle of the track and closed the gap. A late mistake by Renzland in the closing tabletops allowed Catanzaro to take the deciding win and he went on to the finals.

Final Round

Renzland vs. Marquier (Third Place Deciding Match)

Renzland swept both motos for third place overall, but it was not an easy win, as Marquier held him accountable for one miscue in Race Two and they crossed the line just inches apart. With this, Renzland took the third-place ranking.

Brown vs. Catanzaro (First Place Deciding Match)

The final 150 match-up of the night required the full three, thrilling races. Brown won Race One in convincing fashion and Catanzaro fired back to win Race Two. It came down to the last inches of the track in Race Three, as the two were practically even when they skimmed the whoops to the finish line. In the end, Brown came out just enough ahead to take the win and overall victory.

250 Class

Round One

Ryan Dungey vs. Mike Brown

With two clean runs, multi-time champion Dungey bested veteran Brown and advanced to the next round.

Cedric Soubeyras vs. Ryan Sipes

French racer Soubeyras got out to early leads in the first two races and won both over race-anything Sipes, which moved Soubeyras to the next round.

Ryan Villopoto vs. Christophe Pourcel

A mechanical issue in the final stages of Race One forced Pourcel out of the race before the finish line and he did not line up for Race Two. With this, Villopoto advanced unchallenged.

Josh Grant vs. Kyle Partridge

A very close Race One saw Grant reel in Partridge through the finish line whoops and take the win by less than a wheel. Grant controlled Race Two from the gate drop to take the win and advanced to round two.

Jordon Smith vs. Johnny Jeldera

Two back-to-back race wins by Smith saw the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM advance to the next round.

Cameron McAdoo vs. Austin Politelli

Despite a very close run in Race One, McAdoo edged Politelli for the win. Race Two was not quite as close, as a mistake by Politelli in the opening section of the track allowed McAdoo to run uncontested to the win and he advanced to the next round.

Shane McElrath vs. Darryn Durham

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM rider McElrath bested the Alta-equipped Durham in two races and advanced to the next round.

Gared Steinke vs. Ryan Morais

Morais won Race One over defending champion Steinke, which set up a climactic second race. Steinke seemed to close in the final stage of the track in Race Two, but Morais still crossed the finish line ahead and advanced to the next round. This was not the worst news for Steinke, though, as a crash at the end of the whoops flung him through the air and he was out of competition for the night’s 150 class.

Round Two

Dungey vs. Soubeyras

Dungey bested Soubeyras in two rounds and the Red Bull KTM backed rider advanced to the next round of the bracket.

Grant vs. Villopoto

This was the second matchup of the night to go the full three rounds, and provided arguably some of the best racing of the night. Villopoto claimed the win in Race One due to a mistake by Grant, but JG fired back in Race Two to win in convincing fashion. Race Three was very close, as the two were even for the full length of the race, with Villopoto getting the win by milliseconds and he advanced to the next round.

McAdoo vs. Smith

McAdoo stayed with Smith for the entire length of the track in both races, but Smith stayed just enough ahead to take the wins and went on to the next round.

McElrath vs. Morais

Despite a retirement from racing and a full-time job as a KTM test rider, Morais kept full-time racer McElrath honest in both motos by getting the early lead in Race One and then tracking McElrath down in Race Two. It was all for naught, however, as McElrath went on to the next round.

Round Three

Villopoto vs. Dungey

The titanic duel between the two Ryans was regulated to the semi-finals, as the bracket put the two multi-time champions against each for a place in the finals. Dungey controlled both races from the start, which then seemed to force Villopoto into mistakes, and with that Dungey advanced to the final

McElrath vs. Smith

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM teammates Smith and McElrath faced off in the semi-finals, with the first two races coming down to the final sections of track. McElrath won Race One, but Smith was faster across the tabletops and whoops, which helped him take the win in Race Two. A massive scrub and final charge by McElrath in the final moment of Race Three was enough to put McElrath into the finals.

Final Round

Villopoto Vs. Smith (Third Place Deciding Match)

Villopoto continued to keep excitement high by going all three rounds against competitors. In the third place deciding match-up of the night, Villopoto claimed the win in Race One and Smith the win in Race Two. The final race was close, but Villopoto’s start put him just enough ahead to take the win.

McElrath Vs. Dungey (First-Second Place Deciding Match)

McElrath claimed the win in Race One by acing the start and holding just enough of a gap over Dungey to take the win, while Dungey fired back in Race Two with a solid start of his own and kept the lead through the checkered flag. This required a third and final race, which had McElrath moto to the win from start to finish.




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