Red Bull Rampage 2018

On an all-new site the riders once again showed supreme courage to put everything on the line in the face of the challenge of high-risk and high-reward riding that is Red Bull Rampage.
At the end of the contest Brett Rheeder stood on top of the podium wowing the judges with a flawless and technical run down the mountain. Rheeder was joined on the winners podium by Andreu Lacondeguy and Ethan Nell, who finished second and third respectively.

Rheeder’s winning run came on his first run. He started with an opposite 360, followed by a double drop. The following drop into the mid-section of the course saw him do a huge flat backflip that drew gasps from the watching crowd lower down the mountain. He then finished with a regular 360 and a backflip one foot can-can on the lower section of his run. Rheeder started last man down in the second runs and had to wait for Lacondeguy’s score in the second run to be confirmed champion.
“This is my sixth time competing at Red Bull Rampage and my first three years were tough. I was way out of my element and it took a long time to finally be a contender for the title and it feels unreal,” said an elated Rheeder in the finish area after the event.

Sunset session at Rampage. Photo: Don Karle Photography

There’s a trail in there someplace, no really. The new venue was steep creating new challenges for the riders. Photo: Don Karle Photography

Szymom Godziek (POL) 8th place. Photo: Don Karle Photography

Want to see what the future of Rampage holds, look at some of the diggers. A handful of the current competitors started by digging at Rampage. Photo: Don Karle Photography

Graham Agassiz (CAN) first time back riding Redbull Rampage since crashing out of the 2016 Rampage. Finished in 15th place. Photo: Don Karle Photography




Final Results

1. Brett Rheeder: 89.66
2. Andreu Lacondeguy: 87.33
3. Ethan Nell: 86.33
4. Tom Van Steenbergen: 84.66
5. Thomas Genon: 83.33
6. Tyler McCaul: 82.00
7. Kyle Strait: 80.33
8. Szymon Godziek: 75.00
9. Kurt Sorge: 74.00
10. Brendan Fairclough: 67.66

Best Trick: Tom Van Steenbergen, flat drop backflip

People’s Choice Award: Adolf Silva

Kelly McGarry Spirit Award: Brendan Fairclough



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