A look at health benefits of trying out adventure and extreme sports

Marcel Hirscher performs during a video shoot at Reiteralm in Austria on 24th of March, 2015.k

Adventure sports or call it extreme sports are recreational activities regarded as involving a high degree of risk. Many athletes describe adventure sports as something which helps them know more about themselves. It helps them to test their limits and come out of their comfort zone. Many people also take these type of sports to have more positivity in life and remove any self-doubts if they have.

Some classic examples of adventure or extreme sports are Sky Diving, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Extreme skiing, Snowboarding and plenty more.


Image: Dirt Mountain Bike

Adventure sports gained the popularity in the 90s when it was picked up by marketing companies to promote the X Games. After that Extreme Sports Channel and the Extreme Sports Company were launched that further enhanced the popularity of these type of sports.

The common factor between all these sports is the level of risk that is involved while it is being performed. Some of the adventure sports are individually based but there are many which require teamwork. Extreme sports by their nature can be extremely dangerous, conducive to fatalities and other serious injuries. It won’t be wrong to say every time you try these type of sports you are risking your life.


Image: Aquaworld


Adventure Sports demands great exertion of the body which has a direct impact on the increase in fitness leaves. When it comes to the pure adrenaline rush, no other sporting activities come close to the feel and impact of adventure sports.

Here are some health benefits if you indulge in these type of sports:

Mental health: The excitement these type of sports bring in definitely helps to release hormones from the body which contribute to a good mental health. It helps one to take out negativity from their lives and remain positive. If you are regularly involved in such sports it helps to decrease the stress level and helps to stay one calm and composed.


Healthy heart: While you take up these activities one is trying to overcome a fear. So it directly helps in making your heart stronger. Studies in past have proven that adventure sports or extreme sports help in reducing anxiety and one have a very little chance of getting a heart attack. These type of sports also helps in reducing blood pressure.

Increase in fitness level: In every sports fitness is a must. And it is same as the adventure sports – an athlete here has to take proper care of their body muscles so stretching is very important. Adventure sports bring the best out of your body so one has to follow proper exercising regime on a consistent basis to stay fit and healthy.


Greater endurance: Many activities in daily life require muscular endurance. Most sports require it, too. Sports such as rowing and rock climbing require muscular endurance and if you have taken up these sports – it will surely increase your endurance level. This will help one fight fatigue well and have an even better muscular strength.

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